Best Movies To Watch On A Home Theater System

If you currently have a home theater or don’t have one but are thinking about making one then these movies are the ones that you should keep in mind to watch and enjoy that “movie theater” experience and feel.

They are listed in random order:

– The Fast and the Furious

– Top Gun
– The Dark Knight
– Speed
– Avatar
– Inception
– Terminator 2
– The Lord of the Rings
– Aliens
– Independence Day
– Raiders of the Lost Ark
– Titanic
– The Lion King
– Batman Forever
– Saving Private Ryan
– Twister
– Apollo 13
– Rocky
– Spider Man
– Die Hard
– Superman
– The Matrix
– Robocop
– War of the Worlds
– Transformers
– Pearl Harbor
– Ghost Busters
– Any Given Sunday
– Iron Man
– The Rock
– The Incredibles
– The Abyss
If you don’t have a home theater and are thinking about building one but don’t know where to begin then give Bayne. We will help you design your new home theater, pick out the equipment you need, and then professionally install it so it’s positioned well and all the wiring is properly concealed.