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Macomb, MI Man Cave Design and Installation Services of Michigan

Man Cave Decor

The decoration of your man cave will be very important since it will connect the look and feel with your personal sports preferences, achievements, etc. Here are some tips to help you decorate your man cave:

– Have A Showcase Display For All of Your Trophies, Plaques, Awards, etc…
– Plan For An Area To Show Off Your Sports Collectibles and Memorabilia
– Decide If You Want Regular Seating or Sports Chair Seating or Both

Man Cave Design

So you have your man cave spot picked out and ready to begin designing it. Planning your man cave ahead of time will help you avoid mistakes as well as build it efficiently. Here are a few things to consider:

– Determine A Budget
– Create A Floor Plan Design
– Take Room and Furniture Measurements
– Write A List Of Must Have Equipment (TV’s, Stereos, Surround Sound, etc…)
– Decide On DIY or Hiring Options

More information at Bayne.TV


Top Home Theater Movies

If you spent money on a complete home theater system, the widescreen HD television, surround sound speakers and the latest in DVD technology, the last thing you want to do is watch movies that don’t make full use of your equipment or give you that movie theater feel. Here are some of the best DVD movies to give you the ultimate home theater experience and make you feel like you’re actually apart of the movie.

– Top Gun
– The Fast and the Furious
– Twister
– Independence Day
– Terminator

View the entire list at the Bayne website.

Mini Home Theater Systems For Kids

One solution to this problem is to build a small home theater system for the kid(s). Although a second home theater system may see like a pretty big investment it is definitely a good investment. The system that you buy for the kids will not need to be top of the line equipment. A simple home theater box kit is most likely the most suitable system that you would need. A flat panel or large screen TV isn’t even needed as most kids sit very close to the television anyways.

The peace and quiet that a mini home theater for kids can bring your household is well worth the small investment that the system would require.

Benefits Of Pre-Wiring A Home Or Business

Benefits Of Pre-Wiring

If you’re building a new home or office building pre-wiring is not only the smart thing to do but will also add resale value to your building. Realtors report that the biggest reason many people pass up a home or office building is the lack of phone, cable, alarm, and other electrical outlets. So planning ahead by helping the next owner keep installation costs low will definitely help when it comes time to sell.

Trying to get wires where they need to go after the walls are finished is a very difficult project. Plus it can cost thousands of dollars in labor. Some projects could even be impossible to do which lead to exposed wires and other electrical messes.

Macomb, MI Network Cabling Installation Services

Bayne offers professional residential and commercial network cabling installation services for homes and businesses in the Macomb, Michigan and surrounding areas.

Business Installation
Whether your business is a small start-up company looking for a new installation or a big corporation looking to improve your current networking situation or adding more lines, Bayne Electric can help you with all your business and office network requirements.

Home Installation
Many homes are needing more than one computer with the ever increasing popularity of the internet. Bayne can help you connect 2 computers or 10 computers. We can come to your home to plan and design your network and then professionally install it.