Protecting Your Business With Security Cameras

Business owners are faced with many challenges of operating a successful business. The most common issue these days is not only theft from strangers but having to be concerned with theft from their employees. Employee theft can come in many different forms such as abuse of resources, inventory theft, incorrectly reporting hours worked, etc…

A business could lose up to 18% of profits due to the problems mentioned above. However, these problems could be dramatically cut down with the proper design and installation of security cameras and remote video surveillance.

Imagine how good your employees would be if they knew that you could be watching their every move at all times and you didn’t even have to be on-site to do so.

If you are a business owner and have employees than you are most likely suffering profit loss from some, or even all, of the reasons talked about above.

Contact Bayne today to learn how we can help you protect your business with state of the art security monitoring systems and remove viewing options.


How To Improve Your Sports Bar Business

As a business owner you are always seeking ways to improve your business and bring more customers through your doors. If you own a sports bar here is something that you can do to make your business the best option for sports fans in your area that are seeking a venue to watch their favorite teams in action.

Multiple Flat Screen TV’s

Having one big screen television might bring in the crowds on big sports events days like the Super Bowl or World Series where everyone wants to watch one game. However, on normal weekend days or nights sports fans want to watch a variety of games. Having just a couple of TVs will limit them to viewing only what everyone else is watching.

Another reason why only one big screen TV isn’t enough is maybe your place is to big and people sitting far from the screen may not be able to see that well. Or if you have a lot of obstructions such as poles, beams, or walls then customers might not be able to see around them.

Having a flat screen television mounted in every booth is a good way to improve sporting event viewing for your customers. This way each group that comes in will not be limited to watching only a couple of TV’s and can have control over what they watch.

If you own a sports bar in Michigan and would like to improve your business contact us for an on-site consultation and estimate. We will professionally mount your equipment, conceal all wiring, program the remote controls, clean up the job site, and more.