Pre-Wiring For New Construction

Why Pre Wire?
During the construction process of any new home or business building considerations for your audio, video, security, and electrical needs should be just as important as every other decision you make while planning your new project. This is because it’s much easier and more cost effective to plan in advance and pre-wire for you’re needs during the construction process than it is to try and run wires after your project is already completed.


Benefits Of Pre-Wiring A Home Or Business

Benefits Of Pre-Wiring

If you’re building a new home or office building pre-wiring is not only the smart thing to do but will also add resale value to your building. Realtors report that the biggest reason many people pass up a home or office building is the lack of phone, cable, alarm, and other electrical outlets. So planning ahead by helping the next owner keep installation costs low will definitely help when it comes time to sell.

Trying to get wires where they need to go after the walls are finished is a very difficult project. Plus it can cost thousands of dollars in labor. Some projects could even be impossible to do which lead to exposed wires and other electrical messes.