Macomb, MI Man Cave Design and Installation Services of Michigan

Man Cave Decor

The decoration of your man cave will be very important since it will connect the look and feel with your personal sports preferences, achievements, etc. Here are some tips to help you decorate your man cave:

– Have A Showcase Display For All of Your Trophies, Plaques, Awards, etc…
– Plan For An Area To Show Off Your Sports Collectibles and Memorabilia
– Decide If You Want Regular Seating or Sports Chair Seating or Both

Man Cave Design

So you have your man cave spot picked out and ready to begin designing it. Planning your man cave ahead of time will help you avoid mistakes as well as build it efficiently. Here are a few things to consider:

– Determine A Budget
– Create A Floor Plan Design
– Take Room and Furniture Measurements
– Write A List Of Must Have Equipment (TV’s, Stereos, Surround Sound, etc…)
– Decide On DIY or Hiring Options

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Full Service Electrical Contractor Macomb, Michigan

Full Service Electrical Contractors Macomb, MI From Bayne Electric

As a full service electrical contractor, we offer just about any type of electrical installation and repair services for commercial and residential facilities. Our electricians are licensed and trained to handle high voltage and low voltage systems in compliance with all regulations such as the National Electrical Code (NEC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Going To The Movies Vs. Home Theater Comparison

Since most home owners think that installing a home theater will cost too much they simply avoid doing so and take their families to the movies. Some families go “movie going” at least once per month.

The truth is that if you actually sit down with a pencil and paper to calculate the numbers you will find, very quickly, that a home theater system vs going to the movies will actually save you a lot money.

The average family of 3 people (spouses and one child) will spend at least $124 for a night out at the show. This includes the prices of dinner, tickets, soft drink, candy, and snacks.

The yearly expense would be around $1,500 for a family of three that goes to the movies only once per month. For larger families this number could reach up to $5,000 or more per year.

The next time you take your family movie going be sure to keep track of every penny you spend. Write it down and then crunch the numbers to see how much money you could spend each year. Then compare that to the price of home theater systems.

The price of home theaters can range from $200 (out of the box systems) or more depending on the size of the home theater you want.

If you are in the Macomb, Michigan or surrounding areas and want to start on a home theater but not sure how to get started Bayne Home Theater services can help you.

Macomb, MI Surround Sound Installation Service

If you are seeking professional surround sound installation services we can help. We can custom design a system for you and then install it or we can install a system that you purchased elsewhere, it doesn’t matter.

No matter how big or small your project is give us a call to see how we can help get you set up and running.

How To Hire A Home Theater Designer and Installer

When looking for a custom home theater designer and installer you should find a person that knows about home theater design and make sure that they know about all of the equipment options which could help transform a basic home theater system into a custom work of entertainment.

Here’s some things that you should keep in mind when shopping around for a home theater designer and installer:

  • They should know about audio and video equipment.
  • Their main business should be home theater installation and design and not some “add-on” service for buying equipment from them.
  • They should have dedicated installers and designers and not hourly wage employees doing your work.
  • A professional designer and installer would be able to come to your home. This is the only way that they could consult with you on your needs and it should not be done without them actually seeing your home theater room.

A professional home theater installer and designer will be able to recommend equipment that may be equal in quality but cost less.  So be sure that, above all else, you end up with a system that you and your family can enjoy and one that works properly.

Properly Concealing Home Theater Wiring

For many people with a home theater installed in their house, the cables are one of the biggest challenges that they face. Cables and cords for all the various components usually become tangled and making it nearly impossible to change the configuration of your system or any of the components. Most people don’t put in the time to organize and hide their cables to improve the safety and appearance of their home theater room. With just a few minor changes, your home theater cabling disaster can be easily cleaned up.

All of the components in the home theater system have a power cord that must find its way to a wall socket, surge protector or power strip. To keep the power cords neat and tidy, use a label machine to identify the cord before you plug your home theater components in. This will help when you need to know which plug to pull to move your speaker system or to replace your DVD player.

To clean up the knots and clutter caused by the constant wrapping and unwrapping of cables around each other, start by unplugging everything, including the cables that connect each component to the others, and separate them out. Figure out exactly where you want each component to go, and then set them up again and neatly run the cables without twisting them around each other. You may need to write down reminders for where everything goes if you are not accustomed to setting up the theater. Use twist ties or zip ties to the cables every foot or so when there is more than one cable running in the same direction to keep them from becoming tangled and out of control. This same organization can be applied to the power cords that lead to the same power outlet.

If your home theater is set-up such that some of the cabling must come out from behind an entertainment cabinet or floor speakers, it is recommended that some sort of cable hide be used to ensure that these cables do not become snagged by people walking by or grabbed by small children or pets. To keep power cords out of view and safe from tampering, use a cable hide designed to run along the wall and keep your cables protected and covered. These cable hides can be great for anywhere that your cables hang out in the open. If you are building your home theater from scratch, you can ask the installer to build the cabling into the wall or molding of the room in much the same fashion. You will not have to worry about tripping hazards or about your new puppy chewing through your power cables if the cords are neatly hidden and out of the way.

Your home theater speakers provide another potential problem, since you might want speakers around the room with speaker cables becoming a huge problem. To keep this problem down, the best option, though complicated, is to run the wiring for the speakers through the walls. This prevents them from dangling or getting in the way, and if you have the necessary tools and skills, you can run your speakers just about anywhere in the room.

Cleaning up home theater cabling does not have to be a chore. With some simple changes and proper storage, you can have a clean looking, safe home theater room for your family.

If you live in Michigan and need professional help with the design and installation of your home theater Bayne can help.